Exciting news! Hodo Global is now in the Phase 2 Activation or Pre-launch Phase.

This means that those who have signed up under the Phase 1 free-launch phase now can activate their account.

So far, eleven countries will be going into the Pre-launch phase. Hodo Global will open to the other countries as the volume in those countries accumulate.

The countries now in Pre-launch are Hodo United States, Hodo Malaysia, Hodo Singapore, Hodo Australia, Hodo Indonesia, Hodo Canada, Hodo Thailand, Hodo Philippines, Hodo Hong Kong, Hodo Mexico and Hodo Kuwait.

Congratulations to our partners in these countries!


hodo global pre launch activation



So what does Hodo Global Phase 2 mean to you?


In this Pre-launch phase, your credit card can be processed live in the back office. And we were privileged to witness the electrifying beginning. You can almost hear the excitement with the frenzied clicks and whoops from the hundreds of distributors activating their accounts within minutes!

And it’s not just your account that gets activated. You’ll get access to the revolutionary TripSpin booking engine as well. So you can start enjoying the unbeatable rates on your hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises, tours and vacation getaways.

A lot of Hodomaniacs have already started enjoying the super discounts and you won’t want to miss out either!

Another piece of great news is the fact that you can start collecting commissions. Which means you can now start saving more on your travels and earning more at the same time.

The deadline to do so is 11.59pm CDT on November 6. Those who still have not activated by that time will lose their locked in position.

Set-up fees will also increase from $88 to $98

So activate your account now to start saving and earning with Hodo Global immediately.