Hodo Connect is finally here! The travel business app that is set to help Hodo Vortex sharing economic partners achieve higher success in this business opportunity.

It was launched to much excitement and fanfare by the Hodo Global founders, Jon Gillardi and John Hammack, in Las Vegas itself. And it was instantly available around the world. So our business partners can start using it immediately.

Hotly anticipated by Hodo vacation distributors, this travel business app is a marketing tool that will help our distributors reach out to their prospects efficiently.

Let’s take a look at some of the functionalities of this versatile app.

Build Your Travel Business On The Go

First off, this tool lets you make first contact with your prospects, gauging their level of interest.

You can send them a video in our library and gauge their interest by getting feedback on how much they engage with your video.

Then you can invite them to an event, be it a training, webinar, conference call or even an event.

And when you meet up with your prospect, you can present directly to him or her using the videos on your smartphone.

Need help with presenting to your prospect? Just tap to connect to your upline for an instant three-way call.

Finally, if your prospect is ready to sign on, simply enroll them on the spot using your tablet or smartphone. No need for physical forms or a computer to log them on.

Hodo Connect makes it so much simpler and easier for anyone in the world to tap into the huge business potential of the Hodo travel business opportunity.

Simply sign up to our back office here before downloading the app from Google Playstore and Apple App store. Then fill in your details inside the app once you’ve downloaded it. It’s easy and, best of all, free before the launch.






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