Hodo Singapore held its first Super Saturday training today in Tampines, the eastern part of Singapore.

Hodo Asia’s founder Capt Felix personally conducted the training for the pioneer Hodotravel members.

hodo singapore super saturday

The training started from 10am and ended at 5pm. It was 6 hours of solid content on the building of the Hodo business.

Everyone was all ears as they learned about the process of getting more business as well sustaining the business for the long run.

Capt Felix also went over the generous compensation plan offered by Hodo Global. Most of us already knew the various ways that we can get compensated for joining this travel business opportunity but hearing it explained in such detail was mind-blowing all the same.

It was an eye-opening and inspiring session, thanks in large part to the knowledge and experience of the speaker.

hodo global singapore

By the end of the six hours, everyone was psyched up and ready to take the business to greater heights.

You too can be part of the game-changing opportunity presented by Hodotravel. SImply sign up here and you can have a Super Saturday in Singapore as well.


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