Hodo Singapore held its first Travel Opportunity Party (TOP) on March 31. The seminar room was packed as Hodo pioneers and their friends filled the room quickly.

The first half of the TOP consisted of an engaging presentation of the Hodo Travel opportunity by Hodo Asia’s founder, Captain Felix.

For those who had no idea of what Hodo Travel was about, it was indeed an eye-opener.

So how well received was the presentation? Well, all those who attended signed up on the spot.

All could see the potential of the Hodo business opportunity.

They saw the size which this business can grow to, and the income that each and every one of them can get.

hodo singapore top

Everyone saw the vision spelled out by the captain.

After the rousing speech, it was time for some serious business as the captain conducted a step-by-step training on how everyone can make money from Hodo. The comprehensive training ended with a Q & A session where the questions flew fast and furious, an indication of the intense interest which the TOP had aroused.

It was around two and a half hours later when the first TOP ended, with all who attended raring to go out there and conquer the world.

You too can be part of the opportunity. Simply sign up here or indicate your interest to attend the next Hodo Singapore TOP in the form at your right.

Hope to see you there and let’s make some money together!

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