The latest Hodo Travel PR release reveals that Hodo Global has joined up with the next generation travel company Surge365, based in Glen Carbon, IL.

The two companies will redefine the 8.1 trillion dollar travel market using their revolutionary, game-changing Vortex travel app.

An announcement was made regarding the appointment of two leaders. One was Chris Cokley, Surge365 new President, who was the former Executive Vice President of Sales. Another was the President of Hodo Global, James Tackett, who is the current President of Surge365,

New President of Surge365, Chris Cokley, a 30-year veteran of the Direct Sales industry and now one of only a handful of African Americans in the president’s role, enthusiastically accepted the promotion.“Tackett’s 30 years of marketing experience combined with his international upbringing puts him in a perfect role as president. I am honored to help take Surge365 to the next level. But make no mistake, we are a unified team and when you combine that with the new Vortex™ technology and our expansion internationally? The sky is the limit.”

Cokley’s recent YouTube video, “#WhoAreYouFollowing” has become an international viral hit and the talk of the industry. And although some viewers feel “called out” about these questionable leadership practices, Cokley replied, “Look, there are a lot of “bad actors” in the market. Promises have been made, and promises have been broken. This has given our industry a black eye and we intend to change that. You don’t have to agree with the video, but it is factual.”

“I am honored to take over as President of Hodo Global and help build the international market while creating a seamless culture between the two companies,” says Tackett. “And there is not a better, more qualified candidate to take over the presidency of Surge365 than Chris Cokley.”

More information about the company is available at

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